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Blank Paper Project – Pauline’s mini recipe book!


Blank Paper Project - Pauline's mini recipe book!

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Pauline in France completely transformed her paper into a mini recipe book for cornflake cakes. I’ll try those at the weekend!


Letter #2 from Pauline


Letter #2 from Pauline

A stunning letter from Pauline in France. I love her customised envelope and her amazing contribution to my blank paper project. 🙂

Letter #4 from Sian!


Letter #4  from Sian!

Another letter from Sian in the UK. It’s been a while since I’ve heard from her but I’m glad to finally receive her letter. I do wish she wouldn’t apologise for replying ‘late’. I am happy for people to reply when they have the time. 🙂

Blank Paper Project – Laura’s personal touch!


Blank Paper Project - Laura's personal touch!

Laura in the USA stuck little things on her paper that mean a lot to her, which is so sweet.

Letter #2 from Laura


Letter #2 from Laura

Another great letter from Laura in the USA. She also included her contribution to my Blank Paper Project. Thanks Laura!

First outgoing birthday card!


First outgoing birthday card!IMG_3773

Svetlana in Russia is the first recipient of a birthday card from me. I hope it arrives within 4 weeks but it is doubtful! I have written a little Russian in it too, which I hope is accurate!!

Letter to Svetlana


Letter to Svetlana

My first letter to Svetlana in Russia. She loves dolphins so I made a zentangle dolphin for her. This idea is based on one that I saw on Pinterest. Inside is my letter and a birthday card, which I’m hoping will arrive in 4 weeks time for her birthday. Post to Russia takes AGES to arrive! I have also written some words in Russian in this letter and card. I hope she appreciates my efforts. 🙂