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A little history!



For any snail-mailers who also love history! Here is the first stamp; the Penny Black.

Trip to Nottingham = haunted pub & purchase of a wax seal!


I recently went on a day trip to Nottingham with my boyfriend Dan. We had a great time having lunch in the oldest inn in England…


It is a gorgeous pub which was built into a sandstone rock. Inside the inn are quite a few strange objects but none stranger than the following two! First, the very old ‘pregnancy chair’. It is claimed that any woman who sits in the chair will soon fall pregnant. (No, I didn’t sit on it! But a Polish man did. Not sure what he was expecting!)


The second strange object was the cursed balleon. It is a very old and dusty wooden ship that sits in a glass case above the bar. It is said that bad luck will befall anyone who cleans it. Now it is housed in the case to stop passers-by from being tempted to wipe it!


After our pub lunch we walked around Nottingham Castle. It was in the castle that I found and purchased my first wax seal stamp! 🙂 I can’t wait to try it out!


Cocktails with Karin…a cause for celebration!



This cocktail themed letter is for my lovely friend Karin who has just moved to Sweden to start a new adventure in her life. As I can’t share cocktails with her to send her on her way, I thought this would be the next best thing!

It’s all Greek to me!



This is my second letter to Konstantina in Greece. I hope she likes the colours of the Greek flag.

Letter #6 from Tamara



This letter comes from my Austrian friend Tamara.

Library cards & Korean envelopes!



The lovely Stephanie in Canada sent another great letter! I loved the customised brown paper and the addition of an old Library card , stickers and 2 home-made Korean magazine envelopes! Thanks Steph! 🙂

Letter #3 from Sarah



Sarah in Belgium sent her third letter recently.