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Someone asked me…


Lately I’ve been asked a few of the same questions by a number of people so I thought I would answer them all here in one place. 🙂

1) Will I ever post my address on this blog?

No. I only share my address with people I have spoken to for a while and only people I feel I have something in common with.

2) Do you draw and make all of your envelopes?

Yes! I customise all of my envelopes and the last 3 outgoing letters were drawn with Sharpie pens.

3) How many pen-pals do you have?

Many. Some are very good pals and we talk a lot. Others write to me occasionally and there are a few who simply like to swap postcards or swap envelope designs.

4) Do you have male pen-pals?

No. I don’t accept males because I have a partner and although he trusts me it would still be weird for him if I spoke to males. Plus, what would I possibly have to talk about with a man?

5) Are you accepting new pen-pals?

Yes. I like to give everyone a chance. And from experience, I know that some people lose interest in snail-mail and stop writing after a few letters.

6) Do you have a favourite pen-pal?

Yes I do! I have a few but it wouldn’t be fair to name them as I write to so many lovely people.

7) How many countries have you sent/received mail from?

I’ve received/sent letters to and from the following countries – USA, Canada, Brazil, Australia, Indonesia, France, UK, Germany, Spain, Italy, Greece, Czech Republic, Finland, Belgium, Serbia and Switzerland. I also have mail yet to receive from New Zealand and Ukraine.