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It’s been a while!


Work has consumed my life for the past 6 weeks but now I’m feeling a little less stressed I have more time to update my blog. I’ve had a lot of great mail over the past 6 weeks so I’ll be uploading photos over the weekend. Feels good to be back!


A little history!



For any snail-mailers who also love history! Here is the first stamp; the Penny Black.

Trip to Nottingham = haunted pub & purchase of a wax seal!


I recently went on a day trip to Nottingham with my boyfriend Dan. We had a great time having lunch in the oldest inn in England…


It is a gorgeous pub which was built into a sandstone rock. Inside the inn are quite a few strange objects but none stranger than the following two! First, the very old ‘pregnancy chair’. It is claimed that any woman who sits in the chair will soon fall pregnant. (No, I didn’t sit on it! But a Polish man did. Not sure what he was expecting!)


The second strange object was the cursed balleon. It is a very old and dusty wooden ship that sits in a glass case above the bar. It is said that bad luck will befall anyone who cleans it. Now it is housed in the case to stop passers-by from being tempted to wipe it!


After our pub lunch we walked around Nottingham Castle. It was in the castle that I found and purchased my first wax seal stamp! 🙂 I can’t wait to try it out!


Returned from holiday…armed with postcards!



I have just returned from a family holiday to Weymouth in Dorset. Had a fabulous time collecting shells on the beach, sunbathing, crab fishing at the harbour, wandering round an old haunted fort, drinking and playing pool with my family, swimming in the sea, winning prizes from the 2p machines in the arcade, wandering around markets, eating gorgeous food, perusing gift shops and coming back with lots of trinkets, and finally buying postcard for my pen-pals! 🙂

He knows me so well…


He knows me so well...

My lovely boyfriend/fiance surprised me yesterday with a box. Inside the box were lots of snail-mail goodies (and my favourite chocolate!). Included in the box was…
– large craft papers
– stickers
– postcards
– A London underground themed note book
– Cadbury’s Dairy Milk

He definitely knows what I like! 🙂 Also, I now have a perfect sized box to house all of my washi tape! Thanks Dan! ❤

Another year older!



So, today I am a year older and hopefully wiser!! 🙂 This morning I awoke to find this message from my boyfriend on our chalk board. ❤ (He is not French by the way!)

So what do I want to achieve before the next birthday (the big 3-0)?
Just to continue doing what I love doing with the people that I care about most. Pen-pals included of course! 🙂

Thank you to all of those who have wished me well today! X

England vs. Italy – A pen-pal update!


My good friend Chiara from Italy kept me updated on how the England vs. Italy football match was being watched in her country. She sent me lots of photos via Whatsapp and it was great to see the world through her eyes just for those brief moments. Thank you Chiara! 🙂