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A Little something from Lyn!



The lovely Lyn from Malaysia sent this gorgeous bundle of things as part of The Snail Mail Project run by Sarah. She included a colouring book page, home-made hearts and mini note papers. Thank you so much Lyn! She can expect some goodies back soon. 🙂


Snail-mail project – Letter from Stephen


Snail-mail project - Letter from Stephen

As part of the Snail-Mail Project set up by Sarah I have received another letter this month. This one comes from Stephen in the UK.

Mystery solved!! :)


Yesterday I posted about a beautiful piece of mail art that I received and it was a complete mystery as to who sent it. Well, last night I solved the mystery!

Recently, I signed up for the Snail Mail Project run by Sarah at I was waiting for confirmation from Sarah of my acceptance onto her project when the mystery mail arrived. It turns out that the mail art is from a member of the group! I only discovered this when Sarah emailed yesterday to tell me I’d been accepted onto the project and she gave me a list of all of the people I will be sending mail to. Sure enough, there was Diane!

So, lets give this mail art the recognition it deserves…

This mail art comes from Diane over at  Thank you so much! 🙂